Staging Your Home

Tips that work.


If you have a home with small spaces, it could be challenging to convince buyers of its potential. That's where staging, organization and decluttering come into the picture.

Buyers can't envision your home as their own if the living room or bedrooms are overwhelmed with furniture that's too big for the space. Although you want to show the functionality of a room, keep decorations, furniture and personal effects to a minimum.

Less is always more! If there's a ton of stuff in a room, store it or get rid of it. Buyers need to picture a clean slate - a place they can call home, hang their photos in and grow with."

Here are some tips for staging small spaces:

Use Furniture Sparingly

If you have a small family room or bedroom, pay attention to the scale of the furniture compared to the room. In a small living space, use a loveseat instead of a couch, two floating end tables instead of a massive coffee table. Remove oversized beds and bedroom furniture. You can use an inflatable full-sized aero bed with an egg carton pad in the meantime.

Get Creative With Storage

To show a buyer how tiny spaces can be used, invest in some decorative storage baskets and bins for remote controls, magazines, children's toys and other knick-knacks. Floating shelves, storage ottomans and well-positioned baskets help keep things neat and organized while showing buyers that a smaller space is still functional.

When in Doubt, Store it

Before listing your house, go through it, room by room, and take out anything that doesn't belong or you don't need on a daily basis. Rent a storage unit or neatly put away items in a utility shed or garage (but don't overwhelm those spaces). Declutter kitchen and bathroom counters, closets, tabletops and other surfaces, and keep accents to a bare minimum.

Create the Illusion of Space

Make rooms appear bigger with light or neutral paint colors, ceiling-to-floor window treatments and mirrors. These quick, easy and low-cost fixes create depth, length and the illusion of a roomier space. Mirrors cost less than decorative art and reflect natural light to make a space appear larger.

Create Curb Appeal

Have a tiny yard or small-scale exterior? A thorough cleaning of outdoor spaces, along with removing recreational equipment and toys, is your first step. Then, pay attention to the grass. Buyers want to see green; re-sod your lawn if necessary. Adding window boxes with colorful flowers is an easy addition that adds charm and vibrancy; planters with flowers on the porch or front walkway also do the trick. Keep your driveway and garage clear of cars whenever possible to maximize those spaces.